Citizen Centric Initiatives

Citizen Centric civil services : Large scale behavioral change programmes

National Programme for Civil Services Capacity Building (NPCSCB) - Mission Karmayogi aims to create a competent civil service rooted in Indian ethos, with a shared understanding of India’s priorities, working in harmonisation for effective and efficient public service delivery. The Guiding Principles of Mission Karmayogi inter alia include participative, responsive and intelligent governance with a shift from implementing to rules to executing roles having a focus on citizen-centric public service delivery with behavioural, functional and domain competencies.

Large Scale Interventions:

Introduction: Large Scale Interventions (LSI) are an approach for organising sustainable behavioural changes within the Public servants with active involvement of stakeholders throughout the whole system. The purpose of these programs is to sensitize the Public servants to the ideal of a Karmayogi, the value of living this ideal, and how to practice this ideal

Objectives of LSI

  • Improving interactions with citizens for better Citizen experience (Citizen-centricity)
  • Re-awakening aspiration to serve (Seva Bhav)

Approach:CBC supports select MDO’s with Knowledge and Technical assistance to Design, Develop and Implement Research based Citizen Centric Behavioural Training Programs


The Karmayogi CSC - VLE Intervention (ongoing) for 1 lakh Village-level entrepreneurs running Common Service Centres (under Ministry of Electronics & IT) from 126 aspirational districts